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"Le Miroir de Lorenzo": now available in libraries!

We at beQ are thrilled to announce a milestone that fills us with pride: "Lorenzo and the Mirror", the captivating book adaptation of our TV Special, has made its debut in France, published by Éditions Père Fouettard: "LE MIROIR DE LORENZO".

Penned with finesse by the talented Gabriele Clima and brought to life through the stunning illustrations of the exceptional Sarah Khoury, this literary gem first charmed readers in Italy, published by Il Battello a Vapore. Now, we're delighted to extend its reach to the French audience.

Explore the magical journey of "LE MIROIR DE LORENZO" across the vivid landscapes of storytelling and art, available in bookstores throughout France. Join us in celebrating the fusion of imagination and narrative that continues to enchant readers of all ages.

To order the French version of the book, click here.

For the Italian version, click here.


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