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MIFA23: 'The Storm' ('La Tempesta'), beQ entertainment's new Tv Special announced in Annecy

The 2023 Annecy International Animated Film Festival (MIFA) has brought to us many surprises about the global animation industry and, as every year, the introduction of new projects in the making.

During this 2023 MIFA edition, Luca Milano, Executive Director of Rai Kids, has announced that one of the new projects coming in 2024 is 'The Storm' ('La Tempesta'), beQ's new TV Special directed by Angela Conigliaro.

'The Storm' ('La Tempesta') deals with an important and concerning current topic: the war. The film introduces the story of Zeno and Flora, two children who become friends in a Sardinian bay while both their fathers develop a rivalry which then culminates in a violent storm, a symbol of war and the destructive force of man.

An intense and thrilling tale that portrays the madness of war and emphasizes the significance of inner peace. War is not solely a battle between nations; it can also manifest within individuals, through the presence of small everyday conflicts. The exploration of inner peace is of paramount importance, highlighting its invaluable role alongside the depiction of war.

'The Storm' ('La Tempesta') is in production and will come out in 2024, if you would like to know more about the project, contact us here.


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