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TIFFCOM 2023: beQ in Tokyo

This year's TIFFCOM in Tokyo was not only a celebration of diverse content in cinema and animation but also marked a historic milestone in international collaboration. We at beQ entertainment are proud to have been part of this vibrant event, which culminated in a significant evening at the Italian Embassy.

The highlight of the event was the groundbreaking announcement of the first-ever co-production agreement between Japan and Italy, a testament to the tireless efforts and cultural bridging by Lucia Borgonzoni, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, and Roberto Stabile Head of the International Department at ANICA and Head of Special Projects at CINECITTÀ. Their dedication was crucial in forging this initiative, unveiled in the presence of esteemed personalities including the Japanese Minister of Culture, our Ambassador Gianluigi Benedetti, and other distinguished guests.

The evening was a celebration beyond film, embracing the animation industry, which holds significant prominence in Japan. It promised stronger collaborative ties and shared success between Italy and Japan. As we reflect on our journey at TIFFCOM, we are excited about the innovative storytelling and boundless creative opportunities this partnership will usher in, particularly in animation, fostering a new era of cultural exchange and artistic expression.

Join us in celebrating this momentous occasion!

Here's to groundbreaking endeavors in cinema and animation, shared cultures, and international cooperation.


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